monster is the cat

my favorite song from MONSTERCAT is FLIGHT.

time for info on it.

Monstercat (previously known as Monstercat Media) is a Canadian-based independent electronic dance music record label located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Monstercat was formed during July 2011 by Mike Darlington CEO, and Ari Paunonen, COO. The label signs artists on a non-exclusive single-track basis, allowing artists to freely move between other labels and brands. Monstercat follows a release schedule, where new music is released three times a week, in addition to an hour-long podcast that is live streamed every Tuesday on their Twitch, Beam and YouTube accounts. Once Monstercat has released thirty tracks consecutively, a new compilation album is created containing these tracks and two continuous mixes of the album. In July 2011, James Leusink, Mike Darlington, Monstercat's current CEO and Ari Paunonen, Monstercat's current COO, created the Monstercat YouTube channel as a medium for their friends to promote themselves and to share their music with each other. The two created compilation albums to provide artists with a method of releasing their music and to lessen the competitiveness between them. Monstercat's first compilation album, Launch Week, featured seven artists: Feint, Halo Nova (now Varien), Stephen Walking, Ephixa, Neilio, Arion and Going Quantum. In December 2011, Monstercat signed the very notable musical group Krewella, an American electronic dance music trio from Chicago, Illinois. "Killin' It" was Krewella's first original song released by a label. Monstercat promoted Krewella with numerous social media campaigns and partnered with a plethora of EDM YouTube promotional channels for a larger platform. During the first few months of 2014, Monstercat partnered with the electric family in aid of the Humane Society of Canada. In December 2014, Monstercat launched a 24-hour digital radio station, hosted on Twitch and YouTube. To this day, Monstercat continues to release compilation albums containing thirty songs and two mixes each. these are the current band in the group Aero Chord, Anevo, ARUNA, Astronaut, Candyland, Conro, Dion Timmer, Direct, Dirty Audio, Draper ,DROELOE ,Droptek ,Echos ,Eminence, Ephixa- Left in 2012 but rejoined in 2016 ,F.O.O.L- Part of Falcon Funk,Feint ,Fractal,Glacier, Going Quantum, Grabbitz,Grant- formerly Grant Bowtie ,Haywyre, Hellberg, Hush ,Hyper Potions ,Jauz ,Karma Fields ,Koven, Krewella, KUURO, Laszlo, Loosid, LVTHER- Alias of TwoThirds, Marshmello, Melano, Mr FijiWiji, Muzzy, Nervo, Nitro Fun, Noisestorm, Notaker, Pegboard Nerds, PIXL, Project 46, Protostar, Puppet, PYLOT, Rameses B, Razihel, Rezonate, Rich Edwards, Richard Caddock, Rogue, Rootkit, San Holo, Seven Lions, Slips & Slurs, Slushii, SMLE, Snavs, Soupandreas, Stephen Walking, Stonebank, Subtact, Summer Was Fun- Alias of DotEXE, Timmy Trumpet, Tokyo Machine, Topi, Tristam, Trivecta, Tut Tut Child, Unlike Pluto, Varien, Vicetone, and WRLD.